Claire Baker

Physiotherapist – New Zealand
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Common...NOT Normal

I am so happy that this resource is out there to help women find support through other women with POP. Being diagnosed with POP can be devastating, partially because the symptoms are uncomfortable and bothersome but largely due to feeling that your body has let you down. A feeling that you won’t be able to enjoy the same activities you could before and seeing yourself in a minority who has to deal with this condition. 

The more you can learn, the sooner you will find out this simply isn’t true. Sure the symptoms can be bothersome, but with appropriate treatment you can be in control of improving this. With the right support and perhaps some modifications you can continue to be active and live a fulfilling life. 

Our bodies are remarkable. They have an amazing ability to adapt! We just need to keep up with the changes and not think “why me?” but instead yes, “me too”. “I'm going to love and learn about my ever changing body and not berate it for its shortcomings, but support it to carry me through my life.”

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