Links and Resources

The following information has been collected to help active women dealing with pelvic organ prolapse in New Zealand.

Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructors

An online database of Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructors in New Zealand.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Support NZ

A private Facebook group offering support for women in New Zealand.

Physiotherapy New Zealand

An overview of pelvic floor disorders and find a physio directory in NZ

BBC Article

An informative article discussing the mystery of the pelvic floor.

My Birth Story

A place where you can start to process a negative or traumatic experience and begin to heal.

Pelvic floor disorders in physically active women and female athletes

A medical article about the prevalence of urinary incontinence in female athletes.

NZ GOOD magazine   

Active women dealing with pelvic organ prolapse (POP), April 202


Protecting your pelvic health

Published by MiNDFOOD magazine, Nov 2021


Common...NOT Normal -  Claire Baker at TEDxTauranga

Claire busts the veil of shame sitting over our relationship with our pelvis, and invites us to seek help if we need it.

Stephanie Thompson - My Invisible Disability

2021 Australian Open Documentary - Focus on Ability Short Film Festival entrant that details a day in the life of living with pelvic organ prolapse. 

Podcasts & Radio

On Weekends with Andrea Gibbs

You might tell a friend over a cup of coffee that you've got a sore back, but "Guess what happened? My bladder/uterus/rectum slipped." Not likely!