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Live life to the fullest within your capabilities

It was reassuring to hear I was not the only one affected by POP, and that about 50 percent of women are affected by this. At the age of about 65 I noticed that after extreme exercising or heavy exertion, there was a restriction in my vagina when urinating and during sexual contact.  Having had a hysterectomy at 54 years old I was concerned for my health and also my fitness. I had been practising Pilates for ten years, was an avid gardener and still employed. I am 72 now and after a re...

February 9, 2021

My adventure into motherhood

I’m 40 and have two gorgeous high-energy kids who are 5 and 2. Before kids I worked in the outdoors guiding and instructing hiking, mountaineering, ski touring, and rock climbing. I’m pretty small at about 163cm and both babies were over 9lb. I had intense, full on births and as a result I suffered a cystocele (bladder prolapse) with my first (at age 34). It got worse with my second. I got pretty busted up downstairs and at one point even walking 200m along a flat road to the shop was a stru...

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